Sunday, June 27, 2010


not sure what happened to my blog.
templates changed.
accidentally saved.
now what!
looks goofy.
any ideas?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

friends vs. enemies

sometimes their friends.....

sometimes their not....

caution: crazy driver!

Monday, June 21, 2010


kids having a blast playing in the backyard.
princess getting more daring with the little pool.
started sticking her head in
(huge step for her).
wanted swim goggles so she could open her eyes.
don't have any.
"i have an idea" she states excitedly.
comes out with her lowes construction goggles.
she makes me laugh every day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tallie first week

love this girl!

princess could not WAIT to feed "our baby" with a bottle.
right now i will gladly take a small break from nursing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

our sweet baby

more pictures coming soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare

below is more for my benefit and knowledge...instead of for those who may read this. because we are woman...and we think we will ALWAYS remember. (times approximate)

Wednesday, June 2nd

morning: mild contractions. nothing too unbearable, but definitely stronger than had before.

1 pm: parents show up to help watch kids for my doctor appointment that afternoon...just in case.

1:15: con home from work. (actually surprised he lasted that long...getting extremely antsy when i told him i was having a lot more "action" throughout the morning).

1:45 pm: leave for doctor's appointment

2:20 pm: appointment time. get right in. blood pressure 136/72. total weight gain: 9.5 lbs. YES! you go girl!

2:40 pm: meet with doctor. strips my membrane. hold on....YIKES....SCREAM.....OUCH...okay now we can move on.

2:45 pm: set up an induction date. wanted june 3rd at 7 am. too full. made it for friday, june 4th at 7 am.

3 pm: leave doctor appointment. stomach hurts. still having mild contractions. we were going to go to mall to walk around...but hurt too bad.

3:20 pm: arrive back home.

6:30 pm: my mom makes dinner. have a hard time eating. contractions getting stronger and averaging about 10 minutes about.

8:00 pm: start timing contractions for reals.

11:30 pm: decide to get in jacuzzi bathtub. one thing that totally relaxes me. didn't want to go to hospital...just to be sent home. thought if bath made my contractions get lighter...than i wasn't really in labor.

Thursday, June 3rd

12:00 am: contractions stronger and closer while in tub.

12:15 am: decide to leave for St. Al's hospital.

12:30 am: arrive at hospital. get right into a labor room. hooked up to monitors, etc.

1:00 am: labor and delivery called dr. lovelace letting me know i was in labor. dilated to 4. cervis thinned 70%.

1:15 am: i need an epidural. NOW! (crying. breathing. screaming. and shamefully...slight swearing going on during contractions).

1:30 am: where is that MAN!...meaning the angel of labor and delivery. i need him NOW!

pause: how do woman do this without drugs!!!!

2:30 am: finally receive an epidural. sigh. relax.

2:40 am: dr. lovelace breaks water. dilated to a 5.

2:50 am: left arm goes numb. up my shoulder and to left breast. left eye starts to droop and turns bloodshot red. epidural had found a track UP. only solution...turn it off. NO!!!!! Please No!!!! (actually quite nervous at this point. epidural in chest...could start having a hard time breathing anytime which = emergency cesarean).

3:30 am: feeling contractions again. (crying. breathing. screaming. and shamefully...slight swearing going on during contractions...once again). i need that man again! couldn't just turn epidural back on...would follow same path. had to take out and start over. i don't care...just do it NOW!!!!! i have nothing to prove...and i want to feel as little as possible.

4:00 am: checked again. dilated to a 7. baby's heart rate keeps dropping. nurse kept making me where an oxygen mask.

5:00 am: checked again. dilated to a 9. getting closer. nurse wondering if maconeum (spelling wrong) in fluid. NICU on call.

6:00 am: feeling pressure and contractions...mildly. with jaxon, i didn't feel anything...wanted this one to be same.

6:30 am: my "angel" gave me a bolus shot (shot of epidural medicine through i.v.)

7:00 am: dilated to a 9. cervix thinned at 95%. doctor lovelace called (he was sleeping at hospital...thinking i was going to go quick). nurse asked another nurse for a second opinion about maconeum in fluid. decided not.

7:05 am: start pushing. extremely numb...and not complaining. problem though...can't feel where to focus my pushing.

7:15 am: dr. lovelace bored, tired and discouraged. told nurse to shot off epidural (not again please) and to call him back when baby has crowned.

7:35 am: feeling more as each contraction comes. nurse gets mirror to help me focus where to push.

7:45 am: dr. lovelace gets back. need to push. he isn't ready yet. have to wait. next contraction. one push.

7:49 am: tallie jo born weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz. 20 inches long.

I did it! I made it! So glad that beautiful nightmare is over!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our angel!

Our precious Tallie Jo has arrived.

Born: June 3rd at 7:49 am

Weighed: 6 lbs. 15 oz.

She's cute. She's adorable. She's precious. She's angelic. She's perfect.

We are already so in love with her.

(pictures and details to follow)