Friday, May 29, 2009

He's a keeper!

Bad day = Flowers!

While I was taking a picture of my gorgeous lily's from my hot BOYFRIEND...aka hubby...I seen this face.


Flowers + Goofy boy = happy momma!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shiver me timbers!

For the Memorial weekend, we headed to my family's cabin on Bear Lake. We shivered...literally. It was wet, cold, windy, rainy, and OCCASIONALLY sunny...but, not enough to warm us up, just enough to dry the tent. We ask ourselves every year on the drive home why we inflict such pain and agony on ourselves. The answer to that question is explained below (thanks for some of the pics Chelsie):

Theme for this year: Pirates of Bear Lake

To start the Pirate adventure off, we went on a treasure hunt. This treasure hunt involved a GPS, multiple locations that were miles apart, different means of transportation....4-wheeler, trucks and our own two feet, 8 treasure map clues, 7 treasure chests, 1 key, and of course...the LOOT!

This picture was on the very top of a mountain over looking the lake. We climbed the mountain with 4-wheelers. My parents are sitting in the "grave of an unknown buccaneer." There we dug, and found a treasure that consisted of some "loot" and a piece of a map. We repeated this scenario at 5 different spots. At one particular spot, we were all standing around looking and reading the Grandma lets out a shriek. We look down...SNAKE!!!...crawling around our shoes! YIKES! I had to double check my big girl panties after that one!

My two favorite little crew mates!

I found this idea here. Mini marshmellow shooters. The kids LOVED them...super easy...highly recommended!
Kiddos with their shooters...their were mini mallows EVERYWHERE!
(check out the two cuties on the front row!)

Captain Jim...aka dad/Grandpa! Doesn't he make the scariest pirate ever! He summoned one of the crew mates to death for sinning. He brought him forth....

Each kid had to walk the plank and beat him for causing such misfortune to the ship.

If I were ever on a real pirate ship and was summoned to torture, I would want to be beat by this particular crew mate. She hardly made a bruise!

Check out Jaxon's eyes! I would close my eyes too if I were beating on a decapitated pirate!

Gotta love the tootsie rolls with the drool down the chin!

The kids and their pinata treats! Notice the pirate head Captain Jim staked out front after to remind us to make good choices. I'd say lesson learned!

We also played pirate bingo and had a pirate dinner consisting of:

Seaweed: Alfredo
Catch of the day: chicken
Treasure sticks: Breadsticks made into an "x"
Polly Parrot food with Skeleton blood: Salad with ranch dressing
Shark's blood: Hawaiian punch

The girl's also were able to squeak in some "craft time".

We made a version of these blocks.

...and these fridge magnets! Ca-ute!

Overall, it was another memorable weekend!

Saddle up, pardner! year....Wild, Wild West!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Biker Babe Princess

One day a biker chick....
NOTE: that is not a playboy bunny tattoo on her is a Harley Davidson eagle! Had multiple individuals think that it was!

Next day...sleeping beauty!
Maycie's new thing lately is to pretend that she is sleeping. We both thought that she was pretending in this case...turns out, she REALLY was sleeping....sigh.......precious!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When nothings going on....

....I scrap! I mean if you count cleaning, cooking, dishes, changing diapers, dusting, taking the garbages out, mailing bills, making beds, bathing dirty kids, laundry, grocery shopping, Coscto trip, dental appointment, babysitting, BBQs, birthday parties, preparing lessons, meetings, sewing headbands, thrift store shopping, getting sick, house hunting, budgeting, and occasionally sleeping...if that means not a whole lot going....then I wonder it looks like when I'm busy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Idea gone wrong...

I was out doing my weekly thrift store search...aka treasure hunt...and came across this little guy.
At the D.I....for...are you ready for this...$0.75. I opened it and realized there was another smaller little container, and then I opened that one and the same thing. I NEVER really pulled it all out, just realized there was more than one inside.

My idea: Paint them different colors to match Maycie's new room (that she will someday hopefully have), brown, tan, creme....and then find cute polka dot ribbon or something to line the outer lip of each lid with. Stack them, and then tie them with a large ribbon to put on a shelf or something.

Ca-Ute! huh!

Well, I get home, ready to start my little project...and I pull them out to paint them, and I find this......

Ah man! He is pretty darn cute and would look extremely well on my new shelf during the Holidays. Now I am deciding on whether or not I like Mr. Snowman, or prefer to introduce him to pink paint and polka dot ribbon!?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm having a baby....

.....NOT ME! That is what Maycie came and told me the other day.

"Mom, I have a baby in my tummy, and it is going to come out in forty more night-nights!"

Takes the baby from her tummy.

"Look, I had my baby. She's tired, so I am going to put her down for a nap."

If only labor, delivery, and motherhood were that quick and easy! She is only missing one small step in the whole process though....Sshhh...nobody tell her about the conception part!!!!