Monday, August 31, 2009

Look what I found.... the D.I. last week!

Little dessert go in my glass cabinet...50 cents a piece! I had seen a version of these at a department store and they wanted...well...let's just say more than I wanted to spend. I don't know what kind of dessert I will put in there, or when I would use them. I will figure something out. Hey, I know. Maybe I will invite YOU over and we can try them out together!

Princess a witch dress for Halloween....$1

Buddy a Spiderman costume for Halloween...$1

A cute bird cage ($3)...well, not cute as is...I have a can of spray paint that is waiting to greet it!

A basket for buddy's room....$1.50

A serving tray ($2) that is crying for a makeover!

And new plastic placemats for the kiddies for October...$0.25 a piece.

Total: $12.72

I know, I couldn't believe it either.

Stay tuned: bird cage and serving tray makeovers to follow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Tour: Kitchen

I went from small cabinets, no pantry, and no counter space to this.....

Yup, I am definitely in heaven. And guess what...I actually LOVE cooking. Shocked? I know, me too!

Welcome back toaster oven!
(when we moved into our last counter space for him).
Missed you!

Notice the peaches on the counter. Freshly picked from a friends tree. kitchen smells like peaches! Yum!

Didn't think I would like the glass cabinet because I didn't have anything nice to put in it. I just kept unpacking and realized I DID have stuff...just never had them out at old place...small cabinets, remember!

New kitchen table (has leaf and more chairs)
We have a LOVE/HATE relationship! Love it and the color...but, can't keep the bugger clean...or can't keep the kiddos' fingers clean...hhmmm...either way...table gets dirty...a LOT!
Hallway to front door...which I LOVE...the door...not the hallway with the NASTY...excuse me while I gag...okay, that is better...the nasty rock wall!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the center island. It has drawers and cupboards all the way around it. Want to know a secret.....! Sshh...whispering...some of them are empty! I know, I can't believe it either!

You may recognize most of my decor:

And new to the kitchen:
Had no where to put or hang...bought heavy duty magnets and wha-lah!

Got my little artichoke friend at Fred Meyer's for $3 on clearance. Husband thinks I'm crazy...may be why I love it so much!

In the hallway! Got frame on clearance for $5 because it is cracked on bottom. Worth it!...adds character!

And finally, what you can find in our kitchen right now:
Gotta love the B1G1 free coupons.
Makes the best toast!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Tour: Bedroom

First stop on our exclusive home tour: the master bedroom!

Reasons I LOVE my bedroom:

1. The windows, 7 to be exact.
It is definitely the lightest room in the house and I love it...except on the mornings I would like to sleep in.

2. My new bedroom set!
(Thanks to my husband's grandparents who own a furniture store...can't beat cost + shipping!)

3. His & Hers walk-in closests.
My husband now picks up his OWN clothes in his OWN closet!

4. Size! HUGE!
It takes up half of the upstairs. Not sure on exact measurements...let's just say we played baseball up there for FHE. Sort of wasted space...but we are loving it!

5. Dimmer.
While my dad (electrician) was here, he put in a dimmer for us. Romantic! I definitely look better in an ALMOST dark setting.

This is the bedding we had on our last bed (log bed husband built). I can't decide what colors I want to do. I was thinking white and black with a red accent...hubby says he won't sleep in anything "girly". We will see who wins!

I have EMPTY drawers...well for now!

This is the only thing we have hung on the walls of our bedroom. I am quite liking BARE for a change. I am sure very shortly it will bug me...but for now, I am enjoying it. Remember: I despise clutter!

Stay tuned! More rooms to follow......

Friday, August 21, 2009

Discontinued fabric swatches turned couch pillows

I got this idea from my MIL. Take old discontinued fabric swatches (it helps my husbands grandparents own a furniture store!), and turn them into....

Couch pillows! Love the different textures!

And, I decided to make one for buddy's room. Just made a pattern for a ball and bat out of paper. Cut out using old scraps...and whah-lah...pretty dang cute for his All-American sports/baseball room!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm "board"...and feeling "corky"!

We are finally moved in. The last few boxes have been unpacked. Decorations have been placed and hung. And, I have been scrubbing kitchens, walls, and bathrooms for countless days...wanting to feel like we are in our OWN dirt and grime.

Whew...time to relax.

Nope! Been super busy with my photography.

Going crazy. Need a break. Bored of usual routine.

I know....

...time to craft!

Been wanting to make this for a while:

I {HATE} clutter...especially on our computer desk. Because of my anti-clutter OCD, I often misplace important documents and bills...whoops! You put it somewhere you know you will NEVER forget where you put it. Yup, that is me...ALOT!

So, when I was at Target the other day, they had this board on sale for $7.59. Had to get it.

Disclaimer: I have looked and hunted at multiple thrift stores for luck!

I then went to my new favorite place to get fabric: the new JoAnn's in Boise...heaven! Spent $7.05 (forgot my coupon...rats!).

I wanted the frame I sanded and then painted. I could have saved myself this step and just bought a black one...but they were 3 times as much money for the size I wanted. Plus, the craft is more fun the cheaper you can do it...right!

I didn't worry about the edges because I knew I was covering it with fabric.

Using a hot glue gun, I glued the fabric down (obviously, first cutting it to the right size). Didn't like the raw edges showing... I added ribbon as a boarder!

And whah-lah! Perfect in our office! I definitely won't lose the car registration stickers this time!

Friday, August 14, 2009