Monday, August 30, 2010

Dream Fairy

that's what she calls herself.

apparently at night she goes around and "ZAPS" people with good dreams.

i am so glad that i now know that when i all of a sudden jolt in bed...i am being zapped with a good dream.

this is the..."do you really have to take a picture of EVERYTHING i do?"

the answer is yes. sweet dreams.

Friday, August 27, 2010

summer adventure

our biggest summer adventure was welcoming our precious baby to our family.
but, we decided to do something fun with the kids.
so, we ventured to the salt lake area.
we had a bunch of fun things planned, then had the bright idea to ask the kids what THEY wanted to do.
their reply....swim at the hotel.
so, we bagged all the other ideas (that would have cost money) and did just that...
...stayed in a hotel...just so we could swimming.
but, we were able to do a few other fun things too.

1. swam at the hotel

and splashed

and talked

then, we had a talent water show.
whoever could do the coolest trick...won.

you decide the winner:

maycie learned that she could put her head...aka...her face in the water by holding her breath.

and daddy...did an underwater "hand sanitizer" as buddy called it.
(note: proof baby was on this vacation...upper right corner)

i think we called it a tie.

okay...i know you are all wondering what my trick was.
stayed tuned for the next summer olympics! =)

buddy took a few huge leaps and warmed up to being in the water.

2. ate at the Mayan.

3. saw toy story 3

4. visited temple square

buddy disappointed because he thought we were going INSIDE the temple.

princess just wanted to see jesus.

5. went to a parade

6. went to a rodeo

7. ate a greasy rodeo burger (hubby's favorites...weird...we know)

8. played on the beach at bear lake

8. dug for treasure

9. went fishing

crazy...but we caught the same fish every time!

10. visited the soda geyser

11. played boxers and briefs and busted a gut!

12. saw all of our family and cousins that live far away.

13. made it home with three exhausted kiddos that slept the whole next day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i have a kindergartner.
(late post. she actually started two weeks ago)

a few weeks before i had a melt down.
nervous that someone else would now be in charge of teaching her.
but, as the day approached, i wasn't nervous at all.
because she was beyond EXCITED. not even the slightest bit nervous.
and the bus...she couldn't WAIT to ride.
(bonus: the bus stop is at our corner...fabulous!)

can you tell she is excited.
she woke up, got dressed, did her own hair, and put her back pack on.
then comes into my room (at about 7:45 am) and states that she is ready for school.
good news. i am so proud of you for getting ready on your own.
bad news. you have afternoon kindergarten.
it was a long morning of waiting.

i warned the bus driver before hand that i would probably follow her to school the first day!

she already adores her teacher!

and how was my afternoon?
nerve wracking.
i didn't dare leave home JUST IN CASE the school called me.
what a "first timer" i am!

i couldn't wait for her to come home.
i was so nervous she wouldn't get on the right bus.
or miss our stop.
but, she made it home.

and now, i quite enjoy, once again, only have two kids at home during the day.
but...he misses her the most and sits on the front porch everyday to watch her get off the bus.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


to all my boise friends and followers.

i just scored BIG.


for hubby.

4 polos.

3 dress shirts.

2 plaid button-up shirts

1 pair of shorts

1 pair of slacks.



Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


for delicious buttercream frosting...go here.
tried. tested. devoured.

and poking fun of the cupcakes with green frosting and halloween sprinkles.
hubby made them. frosted them (i know, huh).
buddy put the "sprinklers" on.
definitely not martha stewart worthy.
but they are at our home!

he's such a multi-talented man!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

laugh or cry?

a few days ago i heard "the" words...from my princess.

"you're a mean mom!"

hhmm. didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

so i laughed at first.

later i cried.

now, for some reason, it just makes me smile!