Tuesday, July 27, 2010


my talented artist...aka...my SIL...painted this for us.
hubby wanted it in our toy room/house.
i didn't really want a large painting at all.

so, we compromised for the garage.

go broncos!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Toy Room: work in progress

this is our secret toy room.

it was a dark, dungeon hole...with no windows.

paint dark brown.
carpet...dark brown. short. no pad.
the room felt cold. boring.

sorry, no before pics.
(i was pregnant. sick. tired. lazy.)

the new toy room:

paint. carpet. shelves.

that door goes to the backyard.
we have used it maybe three times in one year.
so, i didn't mind blocking it a bit.

when i had tallie, my mom was here.
dad here too...and bored.
so, i put his mad wood working skills to work.
he made each shelf out of one sheet of wood...molding and all.

and i came up with this idea myself...a little built-in pocket.
to hold all of buddies bats, etc.

found these baskets on clearance at lowe's for $5.

kids love their new toy room.
and, did i mention buddy loves monster trucks?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Backyard Olympics

summers as a kid.
i don't remember plastic wading pools.
i remember....


so, i couldn't wait to give princess hers for her birthday.

on your mark. get set. GO!

other noteworthy landings!

an attempt to go on belly.

and my personal favorite:

the fly by!

Friday, July 16, 2010


princess turns 5!
wow. time flies and i'm getting old.
and she starts kindergarten in about 3 weeks.
sigh. melt down.

maycie has been planning this birthday party since she turned 4.
i, too, enjoy planning parties.
but, since i had a new little baby...and very little sleep i had no ambition to plan one.
so, maycie truly planned her party.

she wanted to do a tea party with her little girlfriends.
she wanted them all to wear their princess dresses.
maycie had hers picked out for months.
and...who could forget the birthday girl crown.
now's your chance to catch a kiss from the birthday girl.
did ya catch it?
now we can move on.

as soon as she woke up.
she got ready.
and waited. and waited.

finally...it is time!
and look at all the princesses.

for her tea party, she wanted star sandwiches (peanut butter and jam cut out like a star), cheetos, strawberries, grapes, and cheese...a few of her favorites.
and of course, who could forget...princess tea (pink punch).

we played princess bingo, pass the poison apple, and had a princess ball (dance).

i made mini cupcakes (i personally thought the mini cupcakes would suit a tea party quite nicely but all the little princess kept asking when we were going to have cake). whoops!

she doesn't look like she is enjoying all the attention, does she?

make a wish!
she still won't tell me what she wished for.

and then, all of her sweet friends spoiled her with presents.
maycie had a blast at her party and is grateful for her friends that came and had fun with her.


our own little birthday party for princess.

we made her wait until after dinner (which she got to choose....BBQ chicken, with "her favorite rice" (rice-a-roni)) to open her presents. con thought that was rather rude of us because growing up that was the first thing they did in the morning so they could play with what they got throughout the day.

for her birthday she received:

her new favorite movie
(don't ask me why...i think it looks quite scary)

excuse the interruption:
diaper blowout!
(which explains the half naked baby)

okay, we're back.

she opened a new nightgown, scatterpillar scramble game (which her brother enjoys much more than her...looks like i gave it to the wrong kid...whoops...i thought only santa makes that mistake), barrettes, princess walkie talkies, and swim goggles (if you follow this blog than you know why she got those...no more using construction goggles!).

she got a slip-n-slide

and this beloved "pink journal".
don't know why...but this is what she has wanted for months.
we had to check every time we went into wal-mart to make sure they still had it.
it has a light. magic pen to write secret messages and you have to have a password to open it.
should i be worried?

and her special present:

a new playhouse
(which she has to share with siblings)
no moms and dads allowed she says.
this is going to be a better present than i thought! =)

she had to write her name/club on the plaque.
yeah, i decided i am not too worried anymore about the secret journal i won't be able to get into.
i really hope she just had a hard time reaching it...
...or we really need to work on her penmanship.

and finally, it isn't a birthday without a cake.
and, like everything else,
she knew she wanted this one.
(hey, i tried)
make a wish and it may come true...
...if you believe!

happy 5th birthday princess!

Monday, July 12, 2010