Monday, December 20, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recycled Christmas Present - Puppet Stand

we got this playhouse for my daughter's 5th birthday. about one month after we had it, a HUGE wind storm picked it up and threw it against our vinyl fence. because we were still under the 90 day warranty, we called. they shipped new pieces to fix it. problem. wrong pieces. so, we called. they shipped new pieces. problem. wrong size. called again. shipped correct pieces.

what to do with the "wrong pieces" that they didn't want back?

well, while on one of my many trips to costco, i found the CUTEST hand puppets. i bought 4 packs of them.

and then, it hit me. i knew what to do with the extra wood. now hubby had a job to do!

i am so HAPPY with how it turned out.

our out-of-pocket expenses:

roof: $18
curtains: $8
lights : $24 (battery operated LED. don't get too hot. i know an electrician who recommended dad!)
puppets: 4 packs at $7.99 each = $32

ho ho ho! merry christmas!

p.s. - now the key is keeping the kids out of our 3rd garage so they don't get a sneak peek.